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Just Move!

The idea behind KFIT KIDS is to have a full body fitness program that incorporates endurance , balance, agility and coordination, while strengthening the whole body for children under 12 years of age. Whether your child is into sports or just likes to have fun outside, this full body conditioning program will have them ready for a game or the playground. 


What to expect: * running * skipping * jumping * games : using fitness balls, fitness bands, and even hoopla hoops. 


$150 per child ( 2nd child is 1/2 price within family) for a 6 week program starting 9/28/2020.


COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS: every precaution will be used to keep the kids as safe as possible.  Including daily temperature readings with forehead thermometers, hand sanitizer on site, social distancing games, and all equipment will be sanitized  before and after each class.  masks will be required and extra disposable masks will be “on hand” if needed. the safety of our children is a priority. 


Helps build a solid foundation for health and wellness ​

Structured outside playtime

Assists with coordination and balance

Great addition to any sports program 

Increases activity levels

Helps children gain confidence

"Do something today you will be proud of tomorrow"

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