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Just Move!

KFIT bootcamp workouts...think ‘group training sessions’, think ‘outdoors’ (whatever the weather and whatever the season!), think ‘fun’ and think ‘challenging’. Based on military style fitness programs, sessions are organized in parks and open spaces for groups of approximately 10 or more people at a time.

Many of these sessions include men and women and usually last for 45 minutes to an hour and contain a broad mix of running and bodyweight exercises, which have the aim of providing an all-over body workout.


In these circuit-training-style sessions outdoors, you can expect to work hard and get hot and sweaty, but also enjoy a new dimension to exercising because of the variety that each session has to offer.

Why KFit

Invigorating outdoor class

Promotes a regular fitness regime

Team Based

Builds self confidence

Conditions almost every muscle

Working toward a common goal

"Believe in Yourself"

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