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Just Move!

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Hi, I’m Kerry

Personal Trainer and

Fitness Coach

I love working out myself and also recognize the important health benefits of exercise, regardless of your age or fitness level. I am committed to a healthy lifestyle which has become the motivational force behind KFIT BOOTCAMP, KOUCH to KFIT and KFIT KIDS! Regardless of your fitness level, I will work with you to help you JUST MOVE


Introducing KFit

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

KFIT is a group, military, bootcamp style workout that includes strength training as well as cardio,  and is typically held outdoors in wide open spaces.

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Kfit has changed my life I used to be afraid of my skin and my size and ones I joined and stayed to it I started losing weight and now I feel amazing it has showed me how to be comfortable in my body 



K Fit has been a rock for me this summer. Recently being laid off it has kept me together mentally and physically!!

Kerry has been an inspiration to me to get up every day and be the best I can possibly be!! 

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Kfit gives me the energy and endurance that I need to get me through the day. It challenges me to keep going when I want to give up and it makes me stronger. The workouts are geared towards every level and you always feel more accomplished when you finish a class.   

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